About Melanie Hoggett

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Like everyone, I have had my share of personal struggles. I was in a career that didn’t give me a sense of achievement or satisfaction. So whilst considering options for a career change I came across counselling. This instantly grabbed my attention, as people have always interested me. I have always been curious about people's motivations, what shapes people to be as they are and whether it is possible for people to change. From looking into the skills required to be an effective counsellor, those being empathy, compassion, understanding, challenging skills, adaptability, motivational ability, creative thinking and loads more besides.

I ascertained that I had a good base of these skills, which could be enhanced through training. So I made the decision that counselling was the way forward for me, as I believed that I had the skills and passion to help people through life challenges.  In addition to strongly believing that counselling could offer me a rewarding career path. I viewed becoming a professional counsellor as a commitment to myself, to others and society as a whole.

As I was training to become a counsellor I went through a challenging and invigorating personal journey as I learnt about myself. However, it was one of the best things I did for myself. I know how much it helped, through changing my perceptions, and how it healed through helping me find the inner strength I always had, but which had been buried. Through this process I was able to change my values, beliefs and commitments leading me to making significant positive changes within my life. My journey of discovery was enriched with self-awareness, which I feel is a key attribute in becoming an effective counsellor/therapist.  

As like the rest of the human population, throughout my own life I have experienced a number of emotionally difficult and painful times. I know what it's like to feel such despair that I don't know where to turn to; I know the pain of deep loss; I know how it feels when you feel low and have no idea why; I remember how it is to feel so alone, helpless and hopeless, that it seemed like no-one could understand or help me. However, all of these personal experiences have informed my work as a therapist/counsellor, especially when working through the change process.  I've always been a person who looks for the positive in any situation, and I use humour during therapy to lighten and brighten situations when appropriate.


Qualifications/Professional Memberships

  • Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling Practice (Prof.Dip Psy C.) – Professional Accredited Member of The National Counselling Society, MNCS (Prof.Acc.)

  • Diploma in Hypnotherapy

  • Child Psychology Diploma Level 4 (O.A. Dip, Level 4 Certificate of Achievement awarded by ABC Awards)

  • Counselling Children and Adolescents Diploma Level 4 (O.A. Dip, Level 4 Certificate of Achievement awarded by ABC Awards)

  • EFT Level 3 Advanced Practitioner - Accredited Certified Member of Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques, AAMET (Acc.)

    • Sociology A'Level



I value the importance of Continued Professional Development (CPD), and attend regular training seminars/courses/groups in order to maintain and enhance my knowledge and skills.  Whilst also regularly participating in self-directed activities such as reading and research.  Some of the more recent training courses I have attended include:

  • Mental Health First Aid (MIND)

  • Substance Misuse within the Family

  • Hypnoanalysis and Free Association

  • Rape trauma

  • Domestic Violence

  • Art therapy

  • Creating lasting change using the power of the inner child (Penny Parks)

  • Working effectively with childhood abuse

  • 31 day Mindfulness Challenge

  • Death and dying Practitioner workshop (Crystal Heaven)

  • Working with Dreams (A Gestalt Approach) Workshop

  • The Broken Brain Epidemic webinar series


MIND Norwich and Central Norfolk Credentialled Therapist 


I am also a Credentialled MIND Therapist, where MIND has verified my qualifications, experience and professional responsibilities for your peace of mind.


Ethical and Code of Conduct Frameworks

As a National Counselling Society and AAMET Member.  I am accountable in accordance with these Societies Ethical Frameworks.  This means that I follow the fundamental ethical principles of the counsellor-client relationship as set out in the code of ethics.  Working to these stringent codes of ethics ensures that my clients are protected, and boundaries, scope of counselling/therapy and confidentiality is clear to ensure that effective therapy can take place.  To obtain more information on the ethical and code of conduct frameworks I adhere to, click on these links that will direct to The National Counselling Society,  and EFT International Code of Ethics pages.

I keep written records in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office. I have a valid DBS Enhanced Certificate and I am fully insured.